Rachel Appel is a Creative Director and
Graphic Designer in New York City.


Book Cover Design

A Dancer in the Revolution

I worked directly with Fordham University Press to create a vibrant, striking book cover for the story of the revolutionary life of Stretch Johnson, Harlem communist at the Cotton Club. My goal was for the design to be reminiscent of the 20’s, but to resonate with contemporary activism.

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Creative Direction, Identity, & Web Design


This project required the complete overhaul of Reelio’s website. I began the project by assesing the analytics of the current site, working closely with the UX team to come up with customer archetypes and user friendly wireframes, and then moved on to developing a compleing aestheic with a co-designer which would be the basis for Reelio’s brand identity going forward.

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Guerilla Marketing Concept & Van Design

Reelio Vans @ Cannes

At the Cannes Lion’s Festival for Innovation, transportation is hard to come by. I developed the concept of providing highly branded, free transportation that any attendee could use if they had a special Reelio bracelet. By the end of the festival, prospective clients were approaching Reelio team members, asking for access, and making further conversation easy to kick-off.

T-Shirt Design

Buffer Festival Creator Shirts

This shirt was given away to the Featured Creators of Toronto’s Buffer Festival, a yearly showcase of the best digital video creators on the social web. For 2016 we decided to highlight each individual creator in a new way, hand lettering 100+ names individually to create the larger letter forms.

Email Campaign Design

Graphic Stats

These graphics are just a few in a series of were used to accent compelling information in an email campaign.

Identity & Web Design

Wood & Glue

My goal for this logo was to create a simple, rustic, yet contemporary mark for my local custom made furniture business, Wood & Glue.