Rachel Appel

Creative Leader   //   Designer   //   Strategist


A Dancer in the Revolution

Fordham University Press requested a vibrant, striking cover for the book A Dancer in the Revolution: Stretch Johnson, Harlem Communist at the Cotton Club.

Working directly with the editors, I created a look that was inspired by the blocky, vibrant graphics of the worker’s parties and communist posters of the era. I used a more varied and dynamic treatment of the typography to also create a contemporary feel that would resonate with activists today.



GoCoach is budding brand working to make career coaching accessible. They needed a brand identity, VC pitch strategy, and go-to-market plan that would capture the attention of investors, businesses, and early-career professionals alike.

With that audience in mind, I worked through a step-by-step process to identify the overarching visual themes for the brand, its mood, color palette, logo, business cards, presentation decks, website and more. I developed the bold, energetic, and genuine nature of the brand throughout the typography, photography, and icon design.



Reelio is an influencer marketing technology and agency that creates high-impact influencer content at scale. Working in-house as the Creative Director, I decided to completely overhaul the website and brand in-line with the launch of the shiny new front-end of our platform.

In collaboration with another designer, we began the project with competitive analysis, analytics analysis, and by working closely with our UX team to develop customer archetypes. After designed wireframes and conducting user testing, we began developing an overall design system that brought our tagline, The Art and Science of Influencer Marketing, to life.

I continue to use Google Analytics and conversion data to identify areas for optimization through a/b testing the design and copy.

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Cannes Vans

Reelio had the opportunity to present at Cannes as one of Unilever’s Foundry 50 Award winners. With a limited budget and short deadline, I was faced with the challenge of developing, designing, and producing an activation that would expand on Reelio’s presence.

Knowing about transportation issues during previous years, the team brainstormed a guerilla marketing idea to provide festival attendees who acquired a Reelio bracelet free transportation.

For the design, I used the artistic and scientific line element from our new website and expanded on it to bring it into dimensional space, wrapping all the way around the van. This colorful yet analytical design stood out and enabled people to easily recognize the vans.

The Reelio vans circulated the main avenues and, within 1 day, word had gotten out and the bracelets were in high demand.

This fun activation was ultimately highly effective gaining Reelio brand visibility and distributing information about our capabilities.


Buffer Festival 2016 T-Shirt

Buffer Festival is a showcase of YouTube video premieres, celebrating artistic and innovative content from acclaimed digital creators. Every year Reelio gifts the creators with a t-shirt, iterating on the design challenge of representing each individual creator.

For the most recent shirt, I thought about the idea that Buffer would really be nothing if not for the presence and talent of the creators. To that end, I used the creator’s names to form the letters “BUFFER” and took advantage of the shadows of the characters 3-dimensional forms to increase legibility and depth.


For this project, I worked under an art director to help flesh out a bright, high-energy proposal deck for a comedic TV show.


StellarEmploy is a B2B startup focused on revolutionizing the hourly-wage hiring process. They initially brought me on to redesign their current sales and investor decks.

I quickly realized they needed not only a more elevated and professional look, but also help refining their messaging and presentation strategy to more effectively communicate their value. We worked together to understand the core of what each slide needed to communicate in order to develop a more impactful asset for their team.

Wood & Glue

Fresh out of college I co-founded the furniture design and build shop, Wood & Glue. Currently we are running the space as a shared shop and studio for artists.